10 Texas Hold’em poker online hack for W88 Malaysian punters

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Have you been looking for Texas Hold’em poker online hack? Well, to be utterly honest with you there are no hacks for absolute success, just hard work. But we have good news for you, there are 10 ways to increase your earnings and winnings on W88 Malaysia with Texas Hold’em poker online hack. Let’s earn more with 10 Texas Hold’em poker online hack and enjoy a next-level poker experience.

#1. Defend your big blinds better

Some positions in Texas Hold’em poker online are winning positions. Therefore, always keep a track of your positions in Texas Hold’em poker online. If your position is on blind, then congratulations.


  • You will be the last one to take calls, make sure your bets are minimal, suits your bank account, and risk only what you can afford to lose in Texas Hold’em poker online without trouble.
  • Make your calls wisely and raise the bets according to the cards you hold. Make strong blinds if you have great cards. Trust the process and follow the simple tactic of bluffing.

#2. Collusion online poker hack

This hack is best played with your friends. It is used when your friends are sitting on same Texas Hold’em poker online table as you are. You can play with each other cooperate and split the winnings.

  • You can sit with your friends and accumulate a sum of money to bet where every player is contributing the same amount. After that, they can be distributed equally after winning in the live casino.
  • This hack will save you from loss and neutralizes it. You can also end up winning more money than you originally had. Play with your friends online and together to win equally and more.

#3. Try to minimalize your leaks

Leaks are the fancy word for losses. What is the best way to minimalize your loss? Be conscious of your betting limits and decisions. Think before you make any move and keep hand ranks in your mind.


  • Bluff your opponents and not yourself. If you are not confident about your cards, then the best thing to minimalize your loss is to fold in the starting itself.
  • If you are confident about your cards, then give it a leap of faith. With all this tension, don’t forget the core purpose of Texas Hold’em poker online is fun and blowing steam off your head.

#4. Study poker hand rankings

The importance of knowing the hand ranks is the prominent key of Texas Hold’em poker online. You must have imprinted the poker hand rankings in your brain before playing Texas Hold’em poker online.

  • Punters often get confused between different hand ranks. Don’t worry! That’s one benefit of playing Texas Hold’em poker online. You can keep a print of the hand rank table with you.
  • We recommend you to keep the print of the hand rank table while playing Texas Hold’em poker online to make accurate decisions until it is imprinted on your brain permanently.

#5. Ghosting hack for online poker

Ghosting in Texas Hold’em poker online means taking advice from another player. The best advantage of playing Texas Hold’em poker online is that you can discuss with other friends present with you.


  • Often players take in-game advice from their coaches in Texas Hold’em poker online and win large sums of real money with ghosting help. It’s like a ghost is helping you to win.
  • That’s why it is called a ghosting hack because no one can see your expert helper on the screen and it’s like playing behind the curtain. In online poker, you can easily use this hack.

#6. Utilize the tilt control when losing

You must understand that Texas Hold’em poker online is not always a winning game. You will face a loss, maybe more frequent than you thought. But that’s what the thrill, suspense, and fun are all about.

  • Your emotions might run in a train if you lose one round. This will distract your rational thinking. Therefore, to become a professional Texas Hold’em poker online player you must have control.
  • Control your emotions like a pro. Professional players don’t even flinch when they lose in Texas Hold’em poker online table. Remember, at the end of the day you are here to have fun and blow off some steam.

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#7. Master the art of bluffing

Bluffing is the key to Texas Hold’em poker online. Some punters don’t bluff at all and some bluff way too much. It’s like making a complex medicinal potion, should be of accurate amount.


  • Don’t be the first one to fold, show some confidence in your cards, and don’t flow in the process of bluffing. Understand when to call or raise. If you have good cards, then bluff.
  • We strongly advice a new poker punter to not jump into table Texas Hold’em poker online, instead play with an only dealer in start with a minimum betting limit, and learn to bluff there.

#8. Risk money you can afford to lose

If you are an amateur, then we strongly advise you to spend the least of your money on Texas Hold’em poker online. Start betting with the least betting amount of the online gambling website to prefer.

  • For instance, if you choose to bet at Texas Hold’em poker online on W88 Malaysia. If the minimum betting limit is RM5 then the betting amount of your bet should be RM5 only.
  • There are two forms of Texas Hold’em poker online, you either play with a dealer only or play on a table with other opponents from different regions. Risk what you can afford to lose.

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#9. Set boundaries and limitations

You must create boundaries for yourself, your emotions, your losses, your spending, and your time to play disciplined Texas Hold’em poker online on a reputable online gambling platform.


  • Your time is money and use it wisely, though gambling is like an investment in the stock market. It is extremely addictive. Be careful with your time, money, and emotions, keep in point.
  • Don’t spend more than 30 minutes of your day and 5% of your monthly salary every month on Texas Hold’em poker online. Set boundaries and stick to the limitations.

#10. Grab all possible incentives

One of the most important benefits of playing Texas Hold’em W88 poker online is the incentives that an online punter gets and an offline punter miss. For starters, claim the welcome bonus & then weekly reloads.

  • Choose the gambling platform that offers the best welcome promotions for its new members. There should be an optimum percentage of return with great value of the prize.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before applying for the promotion. We brought you the best W88 welcome bonus of 20% return up to RM600 in a live casino wallet.

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Even though the algorithms of an online gambling platform are hard to crack. There are always some ways to hack the winnings by being vigilant. We offer you 10 ways to Texas Hold’em poker online hack and earn more winnings through W88 Malaysia. Before jumping into the mainstream, don’t forget to claim welcome promotions offered to new members of the W88 family. Have happy gambling and earnings!