W88 Gameplay Interactive Slots: RM600 Bonus+RM40k Tournament

All about W88 Gameplay Interactive Slots. Learn how to download & play to win a 100% Welcome Bonus up to RM 600 plus a tournament cash prize of up to RM 40,000.

W88 GPI Slots    Gameplay Interactive Slots

Excited to know the best high RTP W88 Gameplay Interactive Slots? Don’t worry, we got you! Read this article until the end to know everything related to GPI Slots. What are you thinking about? Hurry, scroll down!

How to Download & Play W88 Gameplay Interactive Slots?

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, W88 GPI Slots have the simplest download procedure with which you can experience the best slot games online. To know the download procedure, read the below steps.

Step 1: Log on to the W88 official website and go to the Slots section

  • To start your W88 GPI Slots journey, the first step is to log in on the W88 official website.


  • Once done, you need to click on the Slots tab on the menu bar.
  • After clicking, a popup with a W88 GPI Slots download will show up.

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Step 2: Click Download Now and Run the Application on your device

  • Click on the “Download Now” button to start the app download.


  • After that, click on “RUN” to install the app on your device.
  • The app takes less than a minute to get installed on your PC.


  • Once the installation process is successfully done, open the app to login.

Step 3: Login on the W88 GPI Slots app and Start Betting

  • Login on the W88 GPI Slots app with correct credentials.


  • Search for the best Gameplay Interactive Slot games – Angry Bees or Red Hood and Alpha.
  • Start betting on it by clicking on “Play Now.”


  • For getting a better gaming experience, you can refer to the best W88 GPI slots guide below.

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Top 4 W88 Gameplay Interactive Slots – RTP 97%+

1. Double Greatness – 97.12%

Double Greatness is an exciting 3×5 reels slot game and the top-ranked as per the RTP. This super fabulous slot game is famous and loved by experts because of its 243 ways with 9 paylines to double up your wins. Not only this, but the game has a very interesting display with a Tiger Wild symbol and a face shaped scatter symbol. Explore more by playing the excellent Double Greatness.


3 reasons to play Double Greatness:

  1. Highest RTP slot game.
  2. Numerous ways to win with an exciting game display and other game settings.
  3. The maximum payout is up to RM 57,770.

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2. Leap of Fortune – 97.11%

Leap of Fortune is another super exciting 3×3 reels GPI slot game that has 8 paylines and a jackpot that gets activated on bet levels 4 and 8 only. Along with this, there is also a Randomizer box that generates a symbol multiplier pair in each spin. This winning multiplier if matches the symbol on the reels unlocks the multiplier. There’s also dynamite on each reel that helps to trigger the respin. Isn’t it amazing? So many fabulous features in just one game!


3 reasons to play Leap of Fortune:

  1. Dynamite, win multiplier and jackpot features to increase the winning chances as well as the overall thrill and excitement.
  2. There are total 5 combinations in levels 4 and 8 that pays 1,00,000 and RM 2,50,000 respectively.
  3. You can select the bet level you wish to play from the game options and there are many other exciting game features to explore.

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3. Alpha and the Red Hood – 97.06%

This is also the most popular GPI slot game with 3×5 reels and an x15,000 spinning bonus. Moreover, it has 30 pay-lines! So, more winnings and more betting! There are also exciting jackpots ranging up to RM 15,000. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly start playing Alpha and the Red Hood slot game on W88 GPI slots.


3 reasons to play Alpha and the Red Hood:

  1. Jackpots ranging from Mini – RM 3,000, Minor – RM 5,000, Major – RM 10,000, Grand –  RM 20,000.
  2. All jackpot wins are multiplied by the Line Bet and a huge cash payout is decided.
  3. The game has soothing music and an interesting forest-like display.

4. Angry Bees – 97.02%

A spectacular Gameplay Interactive slot game with super exciting features including 250 paylines and free spins to have an astounding jackpot win. Apart from this, 7 honeycomb boosters on the 6th reel activate 3 Respins that means more chances to get hit the jackpot. So, start your Angry Bees betting journey today to increase your slot balance.


3 reasons to play Angry Bees:

  1. A large number of paylines with high RTP.
  2. Free spins along with so many other ways to increase the jackpot wins.
  3. Interesting game display with honeycomb tiles and angry bees.

Top 2 Gameplay Interactive Slots Promotions!

Hai Gamblers! Now that you know how to download and play W88 GPI Slots along with the Top 4 W88 Gameplay INteractive SLots with high RTP and other astonishing features, let’s look at the promotional offers and bonuses to make you a fan of W88 slot games online.

1. W88 Gameplay Interactive Slots tournament prize up to RM 40,000


GPI Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign of September announces a tournament prize of up to RM 40,000. So, play GPI slot games and get a chance to grab the super fascinating RM 40,000 jackpot wealth.

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2. W88 100% Welcome Bonus up to RM 600 on all Slot Games


W88 is also offering a 100% Welcome Bonus up to RM 600 for the members making their first deposit on W88 slots. You can boost your GPI slot winnings and play more with this bonus offer. So, hurry and claim now!

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W88 Gameplay Interactive Slots are easy to download and access with so many high RTP and tons of amusing slot games filled in it. With W88 promotions and the seasonal tournament prizes, the excitement to try W88 GPI slots is on another level. So, what are you looking for? Don’t waste any time and quickly start playing the gameplay Interactive slots today with the simplest guide above. Have a Happy Betting time!