Best 5 Xoc Dia Tips & tricks: Boost your winning odds by 95%

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W88 Xoc Dia    Xoc Dia Game

W88 Xoc Dia is a four-coin game and it is very amusing because it has various bet types and high payouts to offer. With this tips and tricks guide, you can increase your winning odds, earn the exclusive free bet bonus and have fun betting on the W88 Xoc Dia game.

What are the basic W88 Xoc Dia Rules?

Xoc Dia game requires skill and understanding however it is more of a luck game. To get a proper understanding of how to strategize your bets, read the basic Xoc Dia rules below:

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  • Xoc Dia or Dish shaking game starts with a dealer shaking the four coins of color – 2 Red and 2 White with a bowl and dish.
  • The players have to place their bets on the Xoc Dia game board according to the outcome they predict.
  • Once the bets are placed within the allotted time, the dealer reveals the four coins and the result is announced.
  • The players that assumed and placed their bets the same as the outcome, win the bet.

Let’s learn about the various bet types of Xoc Dia games and then discuss the tips and tricks to master them.

Xoc Dia Bet Types

There are four simple bet types with high payout returns on each. Follow the below table to understand the Xoc Dia bet types.


Best 5 Xoc Dia Tips and Tricks

Now that we know the basic gameplay and the betting patterns, let’s strategize our game to win more and more.

Xoc Dia Tips #1: Stay relaxed and focus on the game

As a start, you just need to follow the game and understand the flow. Before placing your bets, think and strategize your betting as per the parity ratio of 50:50. Both Odd, as well as Even bets, have 50-50 chances of winning, so with a deep and calm breath, you need to think and place your bets.

Xoc Dia Tips #2: Always start with a Small Bet

Usually, beginners tend to place Big bets with a mentality of winning more. However, it can also result in the opposite of it. You may lose all your money as well. So, never hastily decide your bets, and always start with a small bet. This will give you time to understand the game rules and strategies.

Xoc Dia Tips #3: Place Big bets when confident

Once you have learned the rules and are well acquainted with the betting style, you must higher the limit of your bets and always try betting on Odd or Even bets. Most of the experienced players and the ones shining on the leaderboard usually place their bets on either Odd or Even bets. Increasing your bet limits simply means there is a chance of winning more.

Xoc Dia Tips #4: Try the trial option before real betting


W88 Xoc Dia game has a trial option as well with a “Try Now” button for players to exercise their betting style and learn the gameplay. This must be a good option for beginners before starting the actual betting game on the Xoc Dia game.

Xoc Dia Tips #5: Do not overplay

Many gamblers have this tendency to play until they win or play until they lose. If you won at your 2-3 matches doesn’t mean you’ll win at the fourth also. Similarly, if you lost at the first game doesn’t mean you’ll win in further matches. You must always try to achieve big but never overdo it. You’ll simply lose all the money in the end.

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Xoc Dia Paytable

We learned almost everything about Xoc Dia including Xoc Dia tips. Now is the time to get more excited about this interesting coin game. The payout table of the Xoc Dia game will help you strategize your bets even more.


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Xoc Dia tips and tricks are simple to understand yet tricky to apply. For becoming the master of the Xoc Dia game, you must practice your betting style regularly by using the trial option on W88 and then once you’re confident, go to snatch all the amazing big bags of jackpots! Start your betting game on the W88 Xoc Dia game today!