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Introduction to W88 Mobile Casino App

W88 is widely known as being one of Asia’s top online betting sites because of the top-quality service it manages to satisfy its customers with. However, even after reaching the top spot that they have today, they do not fail to make sure that they keep adapting and thus, developing their products to cater to both pro and beginner online casino players.

One prominent feature that W88 upholds proudly is being able to be accessible to everyone and now they can boost this feature of their because of the W88 Lite App that you can download easily. The W88 Mobile Casino app offers you the best online casino gaming experience you have never felt before. Not only this but it offers you high bonuses and low minimum betting rates. In short, there is no reason for you to not download the W88 Mobile Casino App today! So stick around to read a detailed guide to W88 Mobile Casino using W88malayu.info.

Is W88 Legal in Malaysia?

Before we get into the detailed information about all the awesome things the W88 Casino App has, let us clear one of the most important questions for you, and that is about the legality of W88 betting as an online betting site in Malaysia. Since you must be aware that casinos and gambling are not looked at in a positive light in Malaysia, there are many people who indulge in this cool skill, so the legality of gambling as a whole is very blurred in the country.

In Malaysia, online casino gambling and lottery are legal as many people participate in these. However, moderation is required and necessary, thus, the government does not encourage these acts. As for sports betting, this form of gambling online is prohibited, however, people still indulge in sports betting online using some legal sites.
w88-mobile-casino-01 However, there are some sites in Malaysia that operate legally with a fully equipped licence provided by foreign gaming associations. W88 is one of them and in fact, it is the best legal site you can use to play online casino betting as well as sports betting. W88 has a foreign licence offered by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) for legal sports betting in Malaysia. Thus, W88 is a fully legal operating site in Malaysia as well as all over Asia.

Benefits of Using the W88 Mobile App

W88 as a whole is a good online betting site where you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money because it offers some of the best deals on live casinos. However, since the W88 highly believes in change and adapting to suit its customers’ needs in a better way, they always come up with even better things that will leave its loyal players satisfied. The W88 Mobile App is one of them. Let us look at the top 3 things that inspire the W88 App’s Motto “Light, Fast & Secure”.


  • Easy to Use: Being one of the best online betting sites that cater to pros and beginners, W88’s mobile casino app is even easier to use and navigate. The interface of the app is organized in such as way that even if you are not tech-savvy you will find it easier to understand.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: One of the reasons people do not download online betting apps is that they are afraid that their data might be at risk. Besides, most of the apps offered by Betting Sites online often give us a caution before we are able to download the app properly. However, downloading the W88 Mobile Casino App is a very smooth and easy process.
  • Safe and Secure: Most of the apps offered by Betting Sites online often give us a caution before we are able to download the app properly. However, W88 offers full safety for your device. Thus, W88 does not harm your device in any way when you attempt to download the app from your browser.

What does W88 Mobile Casino Offer?

By now you should know that W88 is a site with many exciting things that you can explore one by one, and no matter where you decide to land your exploration ship on the site, entertainment is guaranteed. However, there are some places that you definitely must check out at the W88 Mobile Casino App, lets look into them.

Enjoy Baccarat at W88 Mobile Casino App

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino card games that has been entertaining a lot of people for a long time and thus, it is definitely a favourite online casino game for many gambling. This is because W88 Baccarat is not only a fun game to play but also one of the easiest Live Casino games to play. All you must do is place your bets on the Player, Banker, or Tie, and sit back and enjoy the outcome.


Luckily at W88, you can explore and play Baccarat for a minimum of RM5 only! Not only this but you can also play variants of Baccarat like Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque, Baccarat Chemin De Fer, and many more using W88.

Blackjack Games Start at RM5

Another famous casino game loved especially by pro gamblers is Blackjack. Blackjack is perhaps the most fun game to play as well as learn. Also known as 21, this game requires you to own a hand that totals the sum of 21 or any number closer to 21. What makes the game interesting is that you have to play against the Dealer.


Learning how to win in Blackjack online is the best thing you can do but downloading the app and then going ahead to play the game as a beginner is definitely the greatest thing you can do. You must be prepared to make multiple bets and keep winning with ease.

Win Sic Bo Rounds Using W88 Mobile App

When you grow up playing many fun games you will know that the dice are part of most of the coolest games out there. And so, W88 offers you game rooms with one of the most oldest yet exciting casino games – Sic Bo.


Sic Bo is a game that highly depends on luck and your luck highly depends on the outcome of 3 dice! As a beginner, most of the games may scare you so it is best to begin your online casino gambling journey with something as light, fun and easy as Sic Bo.

Dragon or Tiger? You Decide!

Another game that is widely played in Malaysia for its fun nature is Dragon Tiger. Dragon Tiger is a game that is very similar to Baccarat and thus W88 offers top-quality game rooms to play Dragon Tiger.


Just like Baccarat, there are 3 betting options – Dragon, Tiger, or Tie, but here you must determine which side got the higher ranking card. There are additional bets that you can make as well which makes the game even more interesting. After Sic Bo, we urge you to give Dragon Tiger a shot at the W88 Mobile Casino App.

Use W88 to Spin the Devil’s Wheel!

Lastly, we have the most fun online casino game at W88, which also has the most betting options making the game even more interesting. This game is called Roulette, a casino game that everybody has heard of. W88 offers many game rooms to play Roulette online for RM1 only!


All you must do is place your bets on any of the numbers on the Roulette Online table or on the side bets and wait for the dealer to spin the ball on the Roulette Wheel. Wherever the ball lands will determine your fate of whether you won or lost the round. It is a fun game where you can make multiple calculated bets or just bet blindly for the fun of it!

Top 5 Casino Game Providers at W88 Mobile App

Playing amazing casino games at W88 is easy and one of the best things you can do to spend your time in entertainment. And to help you with this, W88 offers you the best game rooms offered by the top 5 game providers in the betting world.


  1. Club Ezugi: Club Ezugi is known by many pro bettors since it is mostly used by them to spend their time indulging in entertainment. Using the game rooms by Club Ezugi you can never get bored as it offers you baccarat, blackjack, poker, and many more game rooms.
  2. Club Evolution: Club Evolution is known for its game rooms for Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, etc. However, it also provides additional game rooms like Lottery, Cash or Crash, etc. that are equally fun and appealing.
  3. Club W Grand: Club W Grand lives up to its name by providing grand services via game rooms to its customers. It provides an exclusive variety of Baccarat variants among other casino games like Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Roulette. It also has its own app affiliated with the W88 Website.
  4. Club Massimo: Another place you can chill and have fun is Club Massimo. It offers you game rooms from Blackjack to Roulette with some of the lowest betting rates.
  5. Club Palazzo: Palazzo provides loads of famous casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Hi-Lo game. Palazzo game provides is the only one that offers a large variety of casino card games at W88. Like Club W Grand, Club Palazzo also has its own app affiliated with W88.

Download the W88 Mobile App in 3 Easy Steps

Downloading the W88 App is as easy as navigating the site and playing games on it. However, you must judge for yourself whether it is easy to download the W88 Mobile Casino App or not by giving it a shot yourself. So, grab your phones right now and use our easy 3-step guide to download the W88 Mobile App.

Step 1: Visit W88 & Find ‘W88 Lite’ to begin the Download Process

  • The first step that needs to be taken when you want to download the W88 Mobile App is to go to the W88 official site using your mobile browser.
  • However, to avoid joining any site with a shady link, use W88malayu.info to get the official link of the W88 Official Site on your mobile browser.
  • Secondly, you must then click on the ‘3-Bar Menu‘ icon and then click on ‘Download‘. This will take you to all the affiliated apps that W88 has where you can download and play online games.


  • From all the affiliated apps, you must find ‘W88 Lite‘ to begin the download procedure which will take place smoothly.

Note: There are individual apps for Club W Grand and Club Palazzo, however, we recommend downloading the W88 Lite app where you can get the best of Online Mobile Casino Betting all in one place.

  • After clicking on the W88 Lite option, your tab will refresh to a new page, hereon follow step 2 to install the W88 Mobile App.

Step 2: Click on ‘Download’ & ‘Install’ the W88 Mobile Casino App

  • Next, you have to click on ‘Download‘ and wait for all the W88 Mobile Casino files to download to your phone. Make sure you have a strong internet connection during this step to avoid any disruptions.
  • Once the files have been downloaded, you will get a pop-up that will allow you to open the file by clicking on ‘Open‘.


  • Once you click on Open, another pop-up box will open up on your screen asking you if you want to install the W88 Mobile Casino App.
  • After clicking on ‘Install‘, you must wait for the app to install completely. Again, a strong internet connection is necessary when carrying out this step.

Step 3: Complete W88 Mobile App Installation & Login

  • Finally, in the third step, you will have the W88 Casino app installed on your device. You will be able to tell when you get a W88 pop-up box, notifying you that the app has successfully been installed.
  • Then you must click on ‘Open‘, which will take you to the W88 Mobile Casino app directly.


  • You must then log in to your W88 account by clicking on ‘Login‘.
  • If you do not have a W88 Account then create one today by making a W88 Register via the app by clicking on ‘Join‘. Remember to maintain a strong password and unique username when creating an account.

Once done, enter your username and password and log into the W88 Mobile Casino App. By doing so, you can get access to all the above W88 casino games there.

Claim First Deposit W88 Bonus of RM600!

W88 doesn’t only offer its customers easy-to-use sites but also gives them the enjoyment of using some of the crazy welcome bonus deals available in the online betting world. One of them is the W88’s Welcome Bonus of up to RM600 on their Live Casino games which new joiners can claim when they make their very first deposit.


  • Using this W88 promotion, you can play all of your favourite online casino games for a longer time! However, to completely make this W88 bonus yours, you must complete two simple conditions.
  • These conditions include making a minimum first RM30 in your W88 Live Casino wallet. Other than this, you must roll over the deposit amount and bonus amount at least 15 times.

So, you must enter the code ‘W20CA‘ when making your first deposit of RM30 to claim 20% up to RM600 on W88 Live Casino.

Remember these 3 Points before using W88 Mobile Casino

Now that you know all of the amazing things that W88 offers before we part ways let us let you in on 3 important things that you must remember before using the W88 Mobile Casino app!

  1. Complete Account Verification: The first important thing that you must remember is to complete your account verification. Upon doing so you will not only secure your account but also will get a chance to claim RM30 Free Credit on your first withdrawal!
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions Well: The second important thing that you must do is to read all the terms and conditions of the bonuses you claim, as well as the game rooms you play. This is because W88 follows its terms and conditions strictly and expects you to understand and do the same.
  3. Complete All Bonus Requirements: Lastly, when you opt for the promotion bonuses offered by W88, you must make sure to complete the requirement under each of them. Only then you will be able to enjoy the W88 Welcome Bonus offer completely.

In Conclusion

The W88 Mobile Casino App is the coolest app you can have on your phone where you will be able to save money, make money, as well as make small investments, all by keeping yourself entertained at the tip of your fingers. So, we urge that you grab your phone and download W88 Mobile Casino App and grab the Welcome Bonus of up to RM600 for new Accounts today to experience the online betting world like never before!

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