Asian handicap 1.5 meaning & betting guide to W88 Sportsbook

Learn Asian handicap 1.5 meaning in betting and use our 3-step method to place a wager on HDP 1.5 at W88 Sportsbook. Join W88 now to receive a free RM30 credit.

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Asian handicap 1.5 refers to what it means to gamble

The Asian handicap betting market backs the virtual standings of actual games that are now in progress because it feels that this gives a lesser team (the underdog) an advantage over a stronger team (the favorite) in a sporting event. The Asian handicap betting market offers a variety of betting possibilities with minor differences in predefined numbers. To account for each team’s probability of winning the sporting event, the Asian handicap betting market’s sub-bet types are each assigned a fixed number that is added to the scores of the weaker teams and deducted from the scores of the stronger teams.

w88 sportsbook handicap 1.5 meaning in betting

The fixed number, 1.5, is added to the underdog team’s score and deducted from the favorite team’s score in the Asian handicap 1.5 betting type. The player’s objective is to pick the match’s winner based on the artificial scores that the handicap 1.5 betting has twisted. With the help of the three different examples provided below, you may better understand what Asian handicap 1.5 means. You can place bets on the W88 sportsbook with a minimum wagering amount of RM0.5. After registering, join W88 Malaysia to receive a free RM30 credit upon verification. Make the most of this mathematical betting option to seize the chance to win a large sum of real money.

Example of Asian handicap 1.5 at W88 Sportsbook

Here is one method—out of three—that we will offer you to help you better comprehend the significance of Asian handicap 1.5 in betting. Here’s a hypothetical situation where you decide to wager RM 100 on either team in a football game; three scenarios are shown. In the event of an FT HDP 1.5 draw, you will either get your wagered money back, lose the money you wagered, or win real money based on the odds and betting amount. Use these football betting strategies to increase your winnings faster and gain more knowledge with W88malayu.

w88 sportsbook handicap 1.5 meaning in betting example

Situation 1: Should Manchester City (-1.5) triumph in HDP 1.5: At W88 Sportsbook Malaysia, if you wagered RM100 on Manchester City (-1.5) with odds of 1.93, you would win RM193. You lose RM100 in a different scenario where Manchester City loses HDP 1.5.

Case 2: If the match ends in an HDP 1.5 tie: At W88 Sportsbook Malaysia, you can wager on either Manchester City (-1.5) or Burnley (+1.5), however if the football match ends in an HDP 1.5 draw, you will receive your money back.

Case 3: Should Burnley (+1.5) prevail in HDP 1.5, you would receive RM193 if you wagered RM100 at W88 Sportsbook Malaysia on Burnley (+1.5) with 1.93 odds. In an alternative Burnley defeat scenario, you lose RM100.

Three-step instructions for betting on Asian handicap 1.5 at W88 Sports

Additionally, discover how to use W88 Sportsbook’s Asian handicap 1.5 betting type to place a wager with a minimal betting amount of RM0.5 in just three easy steps. Visit the official W88 Malaysia website, create an account, and W88 deposit a minimum of RM30. Don’t forget to claim a free credit of RM30 upon verification. Next, choose the sportsbook, sports, country, event, match, betting option, and betting odds. Finally, confirm your wager by completing the betting form. Playing FT HDP 1.5 sports betting online is really easy if you follow the three steps listed below. It may sound hard.

Step 1: Go to the official W88 and choose BTi under SPORTS

  • To reach the legitimate site of W88 Malaysia without encountering any difficulties from duplicate and fraudulent websites, visit the official homepage of W88malayu and click on the buttons provided under the ‘W88 alternatif link‘ section.
  • To create a new account at W88 Malaysia, follow the three steps outlined in the W88 Register instructions. You will be able to access your W88 account by clicking on ‘LOG IN‘ and entering the correct password and username if your W88 account already exists.

w88 sportsbook betting access w88 betting site & select the sportsbook

  • The W88 betting site provides a wide range of gaming items, including games, live casinos, online slots, sportsbooks, and fishing. You have to choose ‘SPORTS‘ from the horizontal menubar in order to wager on handicap 1.5. It is located beneath the W88 logo, in between the mobile icon and the live casino betting choice.
  • In W88 Malaysia, gamblers have a choice of three sportsbooks from which to choose when placing an Asian handicap 1.5 wager. We advise going with BTi Sportsbook, which was formerly known as e-Sports (European) sportsbook and has an RM0.5 minimum betting limit for sports bettors.

Step 2: Choose a sport and a match to place a 1.5 handicap wager

Asian handicap betting is available for a variety of sports, including basketball, tennis, soccer, and more. Football is the most widely watched sport in the world when it comes to Asian handicap 1.5 betting. Therefore, choose “Soccer” from the Sports section on the left side panel of the screen, and a drop-down option will show up.

select sports, match, event, betting option, & betting odds at W88 Sportsbook

  • Decide which nation and league you would like to wager on. Since the English Premier League is the top football league in England, we are choosing England > English Premier League for our real money wager, with a minimum bet of RM0.5 at W88 Malaysia’s BTi sportsbook.
  • A number of matches will show up in the center section of the screen; choose the one that is now playing or is about to start to make real money bets on the Asian handicap 1.5 betting choice. We have selected Burnley vs. Manchester City from the English Premier League to provide you with a handicap 1.5 betting example.

Step 3: Decide on the odds and make your handicap 1.5 wagers

  • You will be sent to a website with live scores and a variety of betting markets once you have chosen the game you wish to wager on. To wager on the handicap 1.5 bet type, find the FT Asian Handicap betting market.
  • Take note of the odds next to the teams with +1.5 and -1.5 goals; higher odds equate to higher returns. Choose the team’s odds that you wish to wager on; for our handicap 1.5 wager, we are going with Burnley +1.5 at 1.93 odds.

w88 sports betting handicap 1.5 betting odds

  • When you click on Burnley +1.5 handicap betting odds of 1.93, a bet slip will show up on the screen’s right panel. You may put bets on handicap 1.5 by simply filling out the betting sheet, entering the amount you wish to wager, and clicking “Place Bets.”

w88 sportsbook betting handicap 1.5 meaning betting slip

  • If Burnley wins the football match due to score manipulation by the Asian handicap 1.5 betting market, and you bet RM100 on Burnlet +1.5 with 1.93 odds, you will receive a return of RM193. You will forfeit the bet amount if Burnley loses the game despite the FT HDP 1.5 score changes. Remember to claim your W88 Promotion on registration.

To better comprehend the two scenarios that could arise in the Asian handicap 1.5 betting option, see this tabular illustration of FT HDP 1.5. Assume for the moment that you have chosen to wager RM100 on either Burnley or Manchester City, with 1.93 odds. From here, you might either win a tonne of real money or lose the wager that you made; these are the two situations that are listed below.

Case 1: Bet on Burnley (+1.5) Case 2: Bet on Manchester City (-1.5)
w88 sportsbook betting handicap 1.5 meaning betting slip 2w88 sportsbook betting handicap 1.5 meaning betting slip 1
Betting Odds: 1.93Betting Odds: 1.93
Wagered Amount: RM100Wagered Amount: RM100
Potential Pay-out: RM193Potential Pay-out: RM193
If Burnley (+1.5) wins: you win RM193If Manchester City (-1.5) wins: you win RM193
If Burnley (+1.5) loses: you lose RM100If Manchester City (-1.5) loses: you lose RM100


You’ll be happy to hear that there are more numbers available for handicap 1.5 meaning in betting than just one; you can wager on handicap 0, handicap 1, handicap 1.25, handicap 0.5, handicap 3.5, and a plethora of other options. The significance of Asian handicap 1.5 is easy to comprehend. With W88 Malaysia’s handicap betting market, you may wager on the hypothetical outcomes of actual sporting events and stand a chance to win RM30 in free credit. Without putting any money into your W88 wallet, sign up for a free RM30 bonus at the W88 betting site in Malaysia today and validate your information. To win tonnes of money quickly, use the information you learned from this article and place your bets on FT HDP 1.5. Take advantage of economical online betting with a W88 betting organization.